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Working together to promote oral health across Nepal. Our fundraising puts money into the areas that will benefit the people of Nepal the most. We deliver educational programmes as well as much needed emergency treatment in the remote regions of Nepal where it is difficult for the population to access sufficient dental care.
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miles Across Nepal is a small charity comprised solely of volunteers, based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The group was recognised as a charity at the start of 2013, but its origins began two years previously when a group of twelve volunteers from varied walks of life raised over £40,000 to visit Nepal under the umbrella of a larger organisation. The trip opened the eyes of the volunteers to the expansive divide between the larger population of rural, inaccessible Nepalese families, and the more densely populated cities. Western high sugar foods are spreading throughout the country, but oral health education, disease prevention and accessibility to dental facilities are still severely underdeveloped.

Mission To work within the capability and limitations of our organisation to improve oral health in Nepal.

Aims 1 – To educate individuals in Nepal on oral health awareness and prevention of dental disease. 2 – To encourage others to spread oral health education through Nepal. 3 – To sponsor and provide emergency dental care in remote regions. 4 – Provide funding, equipment and facilities where appropriate to meet the objectives above.

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